Enable fast and flexible surface engineering for high-resolution structuring and functionalization using atmospheric-pressure plasmas


Surface Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Printing (SurfAP) is a plasma printing technology developed at the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology, in Greifswald, Germany

Direct writing

Surface activation, functionalization, simple and complex chemical patterning, cleaning and etching without the use of masks

Highest resolution

Starting at 50 μm, we offer the finest linewidth resolution for maskless plasma depositions

Tailored functionalities

Tailoring of certain physio-chemical properties (e.g. morphology and functional groups) for functionalization and depositions by varying process parameters and precursors

Fast, efficient and flexible

We are constantly improving and optimizing our process and technology to provide the best efficiency and user experience, aiming for the use of safe and eco-friendly precursors

Multiple substrates

Our state-of-the-art plasma source allows the spotlight surface modification of electrically conductive and non-conductive substrates

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About Us

High-resolution plasma surface technologies

MicroQuasar Technologies dedicates itself to surface engineering for high-resolution structuring and functionalization using atmospheric-pressure plasmas. With state-of-the-art microplasma sources, chemical formulations and methods, we offer the finest resolution in the market for maskless, plasma printed functional micropatterns.

Interested in our plasma printing technology? Curious about high-resolution plasma surface engineering? Do you need micro-structuring, -functionalization and selective surface activation/cleaning? Contact us!
17489 Greifswald, Germany