Greifswald, Germany – March 29, 2023.

On March 29, 39 start-up teams and young companies from the four major German non-university research institutions, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Leibniz and Helmholtz Associations, and the Max Planck Society presented their business ideas together for the first time to numerous investors, in the event “4 Investors – Startup Investor Day”, in München . MicroQuasar Technologies, spin-off from the Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie (INP), was selected as one of the start-up projects from the Leibniz Association. The first edition of this kind of event drew great interest, in which the teams pitched to interested venture capitalists, business angels, and family offices throughout the afternoon, from two stages: Deep Tech and Life Sciences. MicroQuasar Technologies was on the Deep Tech stage, and it was presented by its founder, Laura Barillas-Mora.

This was an important to expand the networking, make alliances (even with other Leibniz institutes) and be motivated and inspired to bring high resolution plasma printing technology to the market!

We would like to thank the INP for its support in attending the event, and the Leibniz Association for the fruitful pitch training and support provided.

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MicroQuasar Technologies develops direct-writing plasma printing solutions to drive innovation in microfabrication for advanced manufacturing and prototyping, using atmospheric-pressure microplasma for high resolution surface modification.

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